Corporate Laws

Taxation of income has a significant bearing on the returns to investors and any ill-informed decision may effect the ultimate tax burden. Compliance with various regulatory provisions of tax laws is another area which is time consuming and cumbersome. Keeping abreast with the developments in tax laws and evaluating their impacts results in significant economic benefit. Timely compliance with the regulatory requirement not only requires additional man power, sometimes, at much higher cost but may also affect the other activities of the organization. In order to satisfy needs of our clients, the firm provides full range of services to suit any business enterprise, be it in the form of advise or compliance assistance.

Our range of services in the area of corporate taxation include:

  • Advisory services including determination of income and chargibility of tax, exemptions, and withholding tax matters
  • Compliance services relating to corporate taxation
  • Representations before field tax authorities
  • Representations before Central Board of Revenue
  • Representations in appeals
  • Representing various organisations on different forums
  • Personal Taxation

Individuals of high net-worth are prone to tax default and inefficient planning, due to scarcity of time, which results in higher incidence of tax. Their situation becomes more critical in view of their varying interests and sources of income. Although, tax compliance is the responsibility of the individual concerned, but generally organizations do provide such services to the employees, as an additional benefit. In order to minimize the risks of default and higher incidence for the high net-worth individuals and to assist the organization in fulfilling their assumed responsibilities, the firm has developed a range of service, which includes:

  • Tax planning for expatriates
  • Compliance services in respect of personal taxation
  • Advisory services on minimizing tax exposure or increasing tax saving